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Here at Bent Tree Farms, we raise grass-fed beef, lamb, and chicken in the way nature intended!

Bent Tree Farms is located 20 miles southeast of Ada, Oklahoma on 780 acres of beautiful grasslands and forest on the Clear Boggy Creek.

Our purpose is to provide our community with locally grown, grass-fed beef and lamb in a system that is regenerating the land and allowing the animals to thrive and express their unique, natural instincts. At Bent Tree Farms, we use holistic management techniques and practice low-stress stockmanship. Our livestock is rotationally grazed to mimic the movement of herding animals in nature. They are moved daily to fresh pasture with clean water provided by our underground water system. Our calves and lambs are born in sync with the seasons when the sun is warm and the grasses are lush. Our happy animals live their entire lives here at the farm, and we are confident of the wholesome goodness of the meat they provide.

If you are looking for clean, nutritious meat, grown in harmony with nature, look no further!

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