Dr. Marchbanks and his wife, Susan, acquired the property for Bent Tree Farms several years ago and Dr. Marchbanks has been working diligently toward the goal of providing healthy, natural food produced in harmony with nature.

Hereford cattle were chosen as the flagship breed for Bent Tree Farms. Specific lines of Hereford, developed during the days when this breed built the beef industry in the United States, were selected. This was done to assure a gentle, easy fleshing animal that thrived on natural pasture rather than in a feedlot.

dsc_1233Our sheep are a cross of St. Croix, Dorper and Katahdin. We continually select for animals that are naturally parasite resistant and thrive on natural pasture. We strive to develop animals that require as few outside inputs as possible.

A lifelong fascination with the ability of nature to sustain us has culminated in the vision Dr. Marchbanks has for Bent Tree Farms. Along with his wife, a certified Master Naturalist, theMarchbanks are  interested in promoting local foods as well as foods that are produced without harmful chemicals being involved.You are not only what you eat, but also what has been eaten by your source of food. Our food must be protected from the use of poisons so as to protect those that it sustains. Dr. Marchbanks says, “When I open a package of meat from Bent Tree Farms, I know what is in it and, just as importantly, what is not in it.” The trailer from the movie Food Inc. provides some insight into how far awry our system of agriculture has gone.

It is his belief that ruminant animals, grazed in a way that mimics nature, will heal and improve the soil. These beliefs were formed through exposure to recent leaders in this area like Greg Judy,Joel Salatin and Allan Savory. In fact, it was a chance stumbling onto a Joel Salatin video similar to this … that started this journey.
Improving the soil and providing excellent grass fed beef and lamb are priorities at Bent Tree Farms.

We are fortunate to have brought onto the farm Colby Wells and his family. Colby has a lifetime of experience in cattle ranching and believes that holistic management and a more sustainable agriculture are the ways of the future.

new-wells-pic-200x300We joined the Bent Tree team in the summer of 2013 and bring a lifetime of experience in ranching.  Our increasing interest in sustainable agriculture led us to central Oklahoma and Bent Tree Farms.

We enjoy the hands on interaction of day to day activities.  The ability to work, play, and pray together allows us to ensure that future generations will have the knowledge and skills to continue producing healthy food for years to come.  Colby leads the family, with Allison keeping things on the main track.  Although young, Logan and Ryan are already a huge asset to the daily operations, always willing helpers and have no shortage of ideas of their own.  We look forward to meeting you and bringing you into the fold of sustainable agriculture.  Feel free to call or come on out and visit the farm at any time.

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