At Bent Tree Farms, we strive to work in sync with nature. This means that our cattle are birthing when the indigenous ruminants in our area do, late spring. We choose this for our animals because we believe that it is healthier for the mothers as well as their offspring. Our calves are born when the sun is warm and the pastures are full and lush. Grass finished beef requires a longer timeline than feedlot cattle do and our beeves take about two years to be ready for processing. This allows us to know what we will have available for our customers as well as allowing our customers time to plan and budget for their meat purchase.

Each winter we will announce the availability of beef for the coming season of grass. The orders will be taken on a first come-first served basis. Bent Tree Farms will provide a price when it announces the availability of beef. There will be a fee to reserve an order with the balance due on delivery. The reservation fee will be non-refundable.


As you will be buying live cattle, the amount of beef in the final package should be explained. Not all of an animal is consumable beef, so a customer will not receive meat equal to the weight of the animal at processing. How much meat will be available is not exact, but it will usually be between 40 and 45 percent of the live weight of the animal.

Bent Tree Farms will process an animal at approximately 1,100 pounds. The charge for beef will be based on the hanging carcass weight (usually in the 650 to 700 pound range) and the portion size ordered. Prices are stated on the ordering page.

Beef quarters are of two types – front and rear. Front quarters have a bit more meat but fewer quality cuts. Rear quarters may have less meat but have the highest quality cuts. We will process and package your order so that all quarters will have a similar proportion of prime cuts and lesser cuts.

Bent Tree Farms provides a standard cut for orders of a whole beef, 1/2, or 1/4. Cut orders other than standard are available. Delivery can be arranged.

This Oklahoma State brochure explains what cuts to expect from a 1,000 pound steer.

For storage purposes, one quarter of a beef will take approximately 4 cubic feet of space – or approximately a 20x20x20 inch space.

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